This is a Level 2 haunting 💀💀 very distinct audible words and/or apparitions.

204 Miles Avenue, Fayetteville, NY is a haunted property owned as early as 1900. The accidental death of a property maintenance worker is said to have occurred, while conducting property repairs.

Background[edit | edit source]

The old farm house that oversees the property of the Old Cheese Factory, in the town of DeWitt, has been owned by several different families. The families have all suffered various hardships, which some suggest was brought on by the haunted property.

Haunting[edit | edit source]

Best seen at night around 8pm, the ghost of 204 Miles Ave is often seen wandering in the backyard of the residence. Near the small manmade pond, the ghost appears as a fine mist. When approached, he disappears quickly.

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