This is a Level 1 haunting 💀 unexplained sounds and/or shadows.

5 College Street is the lot of an old house in York, England, reportedly haunted by 'The Crying Girl'.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the Middle Ages, a family owned the house when plague hit the city. Locals began sealing people within their homes. The parents got the plague, so the family was sealed within their house. The lass was immune to the illness but sadly, the locals wouldn't believe her. So she was left sealed in the house to starve to death, alongside the rotting corpses of her parents.

Haunting[edit | edit source]

The ghost of a girl has been seen and heard on the upper floor of the house. It's said that she starved to death after her parents died of plague.

Her crying has been heard in the 1950s. Two children saw her crying on one of their beds. She has also been seen at the small window.

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