This is a Level 5 haunting 👹👹👹👹👹 Use extreme caution. Danger.

Borley Rectory was a Victorian house that gained infamy as "the most haunted house in England".

Background[edit | edit source]

Built in 1862 to house the rector of the parish of Borley and his family, it was badly damaged by fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944.

Hauntings[edit | edit source]

The Rectory was haunted by numerous entities, the most common being a phantom nun usually spotted around dusk, with one exception. Other unexplained phenomena were ghostly monks, wall writing, bell ringing (the bells had no strings), the constant disappearing of objects never found, or at least somewhere totally different, appearing of things never seen before, the apparition of the original owner, floating objects and objects being thrown by unseen forces.

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