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Courtiers House is a large residential building in Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire, England, reportedly haunted by the ghost of Sarah Fletcher.


Built during the 1700's, the house was at one point a residence for the Fletcher family. It later became a high-class boarding school for boys, and then girls at some point. Eventually it became a grammar school. Today the Courtiers House is in private ownership, although not lived in.


The Sarah Fletcher story

Since before its days as a school, the Courtiers House had been haunted by the well-known ghost of Sarah Fletcher.

Sarah Fletcher was one of the House's first residents. She was the wife of a captain in the Royal Navy. Her Husband had been away for a long time on an expedition and Sarah spent a lot of her time in the house simply waiting for her husband to return. When he did however, she discovered that he had became interested in polygamy, and planned to marry the daughter of a rich businessman.

Sarah was completely devastated by her husband's insensitivity, especially since he planned to have his second wedding in the local church. Sarah went to the church and stopped the wedding. Both the captain and the heiress became annoyed and the heiress eventually disappeared. Captain Fletcher went back to sea, and never returned. This proved too much for Sarah Fletcher to bare, and so, using a hankerchief and a cord, she committed suicide by hanging herself from her bed's curtain rails.

The reasons for her suicide seemed clear enough. However, at the time, the court decided that she was 'insanely sensitive' (because she was a women), and that the cause of her suicide was lunacy. She was buried in the graveyard of St Peter's and St. Paul's Abbey in Dorchester-on-Thames. Her gravestone describes her as a "Martyr of Sensitivity".


As a boarding school, pupils said that at night, their dormitory door would open by itself and they would hear the footsteps of an invisible body walking around their room. The ghost itself is also said to manifest often, It wears a black dress, has auburn hair and wears blue and purple ribbons. The ghost is seen throughout the house, occasionally in the 'Suicide Room'. The ghost sometimes relives its own death.