This is a Level 5 haunting 👹👹👹👹👹 Use extreme caution. Danger.

The Dungarvon Woods is a well known forest located in New Brunswick, Canada. The location is quite famous for the haunting known as the Dungarvon Whooper.

Haunting[edit | edit source]

The Ryan Garvon story

The Dungarvon Whooper (Whooper is pronounced, Hooper) is a legend that started during the late 19th century. The story is based on a cook named Ryan Garvon. He was quite wealthy, and used his money to help his sick mother. Garvon worked at a camp down by the Dungarvon River. One day, a logger told the camp boss, that if they didn't get more food, then they would cook the camp boss. The loggers demanded meat, more then other things. The boss asked Ryan to meet him behind his cabin. Ryan went back there, only to be tricked. The boss cleaved the young cook with an ax, and fed him to the loggers. That night, the camp was awoken by a loud groan, which sounded very much, like Ryan Garvon.

Since then, The Area has been Haunted by Garvons Ghost. His screaming ghost (Whitch has earnt the nickname, The Dungarvon whooper, From the screems it makes). The Most famous encounter was that by some loggers, years later. The Loggers had to stay the night in a cabin in the area and were passing the time by playing cards. One of the Loggers was quite drunk. They then started hearing the Ghosts screams coming from somewhere outside, Knowing about the Ghost, Most of the loggers decided to stay in the Cabin and try to ignore the sounds. But the Drunk Logger decided that he was going to try and 'Pick a fight' with whatever was making the sounds. And so Swaggered outside and into the darkness, He was never seen again.

In 2006, a new logger was walking in the woods. He found an area that looks like a wolf or coyote has been digging at. He brushed some of the leaves back, and started to find some human remains. These remains were believed to be those of Ryan Garvon. He summoned a priest to try and rest the spirit, but doing so, the groaning got louder, eventually scaring both the logger and the priest out of the woods.

Many loggers in the Dungarvon Woods still report loud whooping and groaning. Mostly around the Dungarvon River, which is where the incident occurred.

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