This is a Level 2 haunting 💀💀 very distinct audible words and/or apparitions.

Eldon House is considered a haunted house. It is one of the oldest houses in London, Ontario, Canada, and is now a protected historical landsite. It was built in 1834 for John and Amelia Harris on a high piece of ground overlooking the Thames River. It was also close to the town courthouse.

Background[edit | edit source]

Captain John Harris, a retired Naval officer of the Royal Navy, had spent much of his service fighting the American's on the Great Lakes. He met his Canadian wife Amelia at this time. After Harris left the navy, he was made the Treasurer of the London District by his colleagues, many of whom where judges. John proved to be good and fair at managing London's money, so the government rewarded him by building Eldon House for him, his wife, and his eight children.

The house itself was a gracious Georgian mansion surrounded by beautiful garden's. The land around the house is known today as Harris Park which is open to the public. In 1959, the Harris family signed over the deeds to the house to the Middlesex county council. They didn't want the house to fall to ruin and deeding it to the city coucil ensured that the house would be preserved as a historical monument and a protected site.

Haunting[edit | edit source]

The Wenman Wynniatt story

Wenman Wynniatt was a young British army officer who had been stationed in the London area not long after Eldon House was built. He was staying in London and became acquainted with Sarah Harris, John Harris's eldest daughters. The Harris family hosted many parties for visiting officers. Sarah invited Wenman Wynniatt to attend and Wynniatt promised her that he would be there.

On the night of the party, Sarah Harris chatted with some of her other guests while wondering where Wynniatt could be. Shortly after ten, Wynniatt appeared. However, Wenman Wynniatt was reportedly pale and blank-looking as he walked through the house. Sarah went to greet him, but Wenman Wynniatt did not even react to her. He continued to pass into the dining room where he seemingly disappeared into thin air, causing great confusion. The next morning a search was dispatched to look for the young soldier. His body was discovered floating in the middle of the Thames River covered in sand. His pocketwatch had stopped at the exact moment he entered the party.

Nobody has ever found an explanation for this bizarre occurrence. Many people believe that Wynniatt had drowned in the Thames River before the party started, and that it was his ghost who showed up at the party. Other explanations say he had become possessed. Nevertheless, the mystery continues, and the Ghost of Wenman Wynniatt still haunts Eldon House to this day. He is often seen walking around the house and occasionally repeats the strange act that he performed on the night he died.

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