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Fort Kent, Alberta, Canada was the location of some of the most grizzly murders in Canadian history. It is said to hold the dark spirit called the Windigo.

The Wendigo[]


The Wendigo is said to be the host spirit of Fort Kent. The spirit can take over any body, from animals to human beings. It is known to slaughter farm animals, for an unknown reason. Who the Wendigo was in life hasn't been confirmed. It is said that the Wendigo can take over anyone filled with depression in Fort Kent.


The Thomas Burton story

Thomas Burton was a medical student. He and his wife Katie moved into Fort Kent. At the time, there was a disease going through the small village. The residence of Fort Kent were happy that someone involved with medicine and medical degrees lived in the town. Day after day, people have knocked on his door to ask for a cure. However, one day, Burton's wife Katie, got the disease. She died a few days later. Soon after, something had possessed Burton. People have said that Thomas Burton was overpowered by the Wendigo. The night of the possession, Burton went door to door, slaughtering everyone living in Fort Kent. Some have even been partially eaten. After that night, Burton had vanished, and hasn't been seen since.