This is a Level 2 haunting 💀💀 very distinct audible words and/or apparitions.

Greenwood Mall, located in a small town known as Bowling Green in Kentucky of the United States, is a shopping complex that was built in the 1980's. Although Greenwood Mall covers a large patch of area, only part of it's parking space is frequently haunted. Though there are suggestions that there may be paranormal activity throughout the entire mall.


'The Sleeper'

It is believed that murder may have taken place near or in the mall, although it is unlikely. However a body was found in the parking lot.

A person in the drivers seat who appeared to be sleeping, but among later inspection, they found out that he was in fact dead. The cause of death has never been confirmed and the man's identity is also a current mystery. The body was removed from the van, and buried in the local cemetery. After the body had been removed the van disappeared from the space. Leaving an oil stain, The oil stain has never left and people have tried to clean it, but It never fades.

It is advised that nobody parks in the haunted parking space overnight, because everytime someone does, the spirit will appear in the car, who looks like he is sleeping, although he wont show any sign of actualy being alive. The man will not move or wake up, but will eventually disappear on his own. The man is the unidentified man who was found dead in the space. He has became known as 'The Sleeper' by the staff members and customers of the mall and by the local police department. People have often called the police in attempt to remove 'The Sleeper'.