Imprint Ghosts, Also Known as Dumb or Unintelligent ghosts, or Dead Ghosts. Are ghosts who Haunt an area, Uncounsciously. It is believed by paranormal scientests that 'Imprint Ghosts' arent typically ghosts atall, But echoes of time or emotion that must have had such great an effect from an area, that a Section of there aura remains there (Though this is the same with all ghosts).

Imprint Ghosts are more simply images that repeat actions, Sometimes not even Images but small actions. This can be anything between a complete Re-inactment of a Major event, to something as simple as a continueing malfunction of an object. The most famous type of Imprint ghosts are usualy ghosts that re-inact entire Battles.

Usualy Imprint Ghosts are actualy the source of ghost Objects, Since there truly not ghosts but Images, They sometimes come along with Objects.

Usualy Imprint ghosts that successfully show, Are those that re-inact tragic or violent deaths. Such as Suicides or Horrible Murders, In some cases Imprint ghosts are accompinied by some sort of Vortex. Usualy Representing another personnality who is infact part of the imprint ghost, not whoever it represents.

Imprint ghosts are the most common type of ghosts, in theory, Imprint ghosts are practically anywhere. Although they often go completey Unnoticed, Since most of them cannot be seen, Imprint ghost are also impossible to get rid off, but usualy arent a problem unless they are distressing.