This is a Level 1 haunting 💀 unexplained sounds and/or shadows.

John McCrae's Bunker


In World War One, Bunkers were used to heal injured soldiers. One bunker, In Ypres, Belgium, is very famous for it's sightings. Many people have reported sightings of John McCrae himself. John McCrae was very famous for writing "In Flanders Fields", in honor of his friend, Alexis Helmer. Not only has John McCrae been seen at his bunker, but his best friend Alexis Helmer was too. Helmer died before him, however they were both reunited in death, such as they were in life.


John McCrae did not die like many other soldiers did. He was not killed by an explosion, bullet, or anything war related. He died at his bunker because of pneumonia. He did not admit his sickness to anyone else in the other bunkers. He died saving an injured soldier.

Before the war, John McCrae attended a university to study medicine and become a doctor. This is one of the main reasons he was stationed in a bunker healing the injured.

Unlike John McCrae, Alexis Helmer was stationed to fight, not heal. He was shot in multiple times, and eventually died on the battle field. They brought him to a bunker (not McCrae's), but it was too late.


Some people who have visited the bunkers have claimed to have heard gunshots, echoing throughout the bunkers. Most of the time, after the gunshots fire, you can see quick images of Alexis Helmer.


  • This is the only bunker to have reported sightings of ghosts.
  • The reason why John McCrae and Alexis Helmer haunt the bunker is unknown.
  • It is quite rare to see his ghost, but over the years, many have claimed hearing echoing voices, and full body apparitions of John McCrae and Alexis Helmer.