Lawnton Elementary School is a haunted school in Pennsylvania.


There are many rumors of why the school is haunted. Some say the school was a mental institute, but was torn down and turned into a school. Patients may be haunting the halls currently. If you go into the front of the school, there is a "In memory" sign. This may be the person who haunts it. One more is that the school once had 6th grade. One day at the play ground a boy fell off the equipment and died.


There are many experiences that some have faced here.


There are 2 sets of bathrooms in the school. One is located in the older kids hallway, and one in the younger kids hallway. The haunted bathroom is the latter of the 2. At around the year 2006, strange things would occur in the boys' bathroom. First you would need to go to the stall farthest from the door and lock the door. You then would hear doors creaking, sinks turning on, paper towel being un-rolled from it's place, and footsteps. When you come out of the stall, nobody will be in the hall or in the bathroom. In the older kids bathroom, the sink closest to the door has some strange things. If you try to turn of the warm water, the handle will rapidly fling back to on. Sometimes you can feel something pulling the handle the opposite way.

Boy on SwingsEdit

This experience is related to one of the history theories. In room 9, and other classrooms facing one of the two playgrounds, at around 3:25 each day a boy, who looks to be about 12 years of age, can be seen on the swing, second closest to the classrooms. He has bushy hair. He usually is seen wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. His bike is seen lying on the ground in front of the swings, even though he is never seen coming into the playground. He simply sits on the swings, moves gently, and has a 'Waiting' type of look on his face.


One time, someone had told the spirits, "If your here ghosts, make that poster on the wall fall down". The poster in the cafeteria didn't fall, but a poster just outside had fallen.