Lowther Castle

Lowther Castle, Near Penrith, Cumbria, UK. Is an Ancient castle and seat of the Earls of Lonsdale. It was first built some time before . But it was not as grand as it would become, Only classing as a small Hall. It became home of the Earls Of Lonsdale, the Most Landrich Landowners in all Westmorland (This Family's real name was Lowther, They where called the lowthers after a nearby river) . In 1806, David Smirke. The same artichect who would later build the National British Museum, Expanded the Building massivly, converting it from the Meekish, Lowther Hall to the Massive, Lowther Castle.

In its time, Lowther Castle was noted as one of the best castles in Britain, Thomas DeQuincy. The british Ambassador to china during the 1780's, Said that it was the only thing in britain that he could compare to the large Palace's in china. After its short time of fame however, in the 1950's the Lonsdale Earls abandoned the building . The Castle became derelict and is today only a shell, Only the outer Walls are still standing.

James LowtherEdit

James Lowther - 1st earl of Lonsdale, (1736 - 1802)

The first earl of lonsdale (of the first creation) inherited three fortunes, making him one of the richest men in eighteenth century England. From his father, who was Governor of Barbados, he inherited the Maulds Meaburn estate and a west indian fortune, from his cousin the 3rd viscount, he inherited lowther and large estates in cumberland and westmorland, but the key inheritance was that from another cousin sir james lowther of whitehaven who died in 1755 leaving to him that town, and harbour, with its flourishing trade with ireland and the american colonies, and rich coal mines , as well as the enormous sum of £2,000,000. This made the earl vastly rich. he spent much of his new fortune on politics, getting heavily embroiled in election expenses, and also commissioned various unexecuted designs for a vast new palace at lowther to replace the house which had burnt down in 1718, but failed to fulfil his potential, and died without legitimate children, the earldom becoming extinct.

Wicked jimmy wielded enormous political influence controlling nine parliamentary bouroghs in the north west. the lowther ninepins.

He married Lady Mary Stuart, daughter of George III's unpopular prime minister, the Earl of Bute, whose Tory politics he supported. He was patron of the younger william pitt whose first parliamentary seat in 1781 was the lowther borough of Appleby. As a reward for this, wicked jimmy was created Earl of Lonsdale.

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