Maggie's Bridge is a local legend that regards a pregnant woman named Maggie who was killed on the bridge in Delaware. Her ghost can be seen around this bridge. Try if you dare


There are many ways you can call Maggie. It is said that if you put your hand over the railings and call Maggie Maggie, I have your baby, she will appear as a shadow and start to do weird stuff to you. It only works during the witching hours which is midnight to 1:00AM. Another way to call Maggie is to say Maggie 3 times and you might hear horses coming at you. Call Maggie 3 times again, you will see a shadow coming out of the woods. Call her again 3 times, she will appear in front of you with her head in her hands and she will tell you to reconnect it to bring her back to life.

Many things can happen if you do it like:

  • Your windows of your car can get destroyed
  • A shadow running around
  • Baby noises
  • A woman screaming
  • A horse carriage coming at you
  • Your car randomly honks
  • Maggie herself appears to you
  • Maggie her self will tell you to get off the bridge before she hurts the ones you love
  • Your car will not start when you try to start it