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Hello, visitor! Welcome to the Ghosts Wiki. Here, you'll find pages about ghost, ghost locations, paranormal creatures, and more! Please take caution, some photos may contain spooky items, such as ghosts, faces, and more (Please put these in the Galleries, to avoid scaring the fearful). Edit nicely please, as we prohibit vandalism. Try to edit as much as possible, and tell all your ghost liking friends to take a look at this wiki! We need more editors, edits, pages, categories, users, and templates. Be sure to ask some of the major editors, such as Pleaser questions about editing. Do not spam pages, as they will be deleted.

Anyway, welcome to the Ghosts Wiki, it is our pleasure to have you here!

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Hotel Kurrajong

Hotel Kurrajong is a Hotel in the Australian capital of Canberra. The Hotel was built in 1925 by the Commonwealth's chief architect, John Murdoch. Murdoch also designed the nearby Australian Parliament House, which is nearby the Hotel. Hotel Kurrajong was first built to house the administrative and political staff who had been transferred from Melbourne to Canberra when Canberra was declared the new Australian Capital. In 1927 the hotel housed guests who had been invited to witness the official opening ceremony of parliament. The Hotel originally only housed politicians until the great depression in which it was forced to transform itself into a public hotel in order to avoid closure. It became associated with the labour party, who would use the hotel as accommodation for labour party members who where visiting from other constituency's. John Curtin, who would become the prime minister during the second world war, once stayed in the hotel. More...