This is a Level 1 haunting 💀 unexplained sounds and/or shadows.

The Moffat Ram is a bronze sculpture, atop a sandstone fountain, in the town centre of Moffat, in Annandale, Scotland. It is the Symbol of the town due to the Towns rich history of Sheparding. It stands in the centre of the town Broadway on top of a sandstone tower. The ram is reportedly haunted by the ghost of William Colvin, while the nearby Annandale Arms Hotel is haunted by William Brodie.


The bronze ram sculpture and drinking fountain were commissioned in 1875 by a local businessman William Colvin as a gift to his native town to commemorate its long association with sheep farming and the wool trade. The artist chosen to undertake the work was a prolific and celebrated Victorian Scottish sculptor named William Brodie, whose most famous work is the statue of a faithful dog, Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh.

Legend of lugs[]

According to legend, at the unveiling of the statue, a local farmer exclaimed, “It has nae lugs!” which, in English, translates “It has no ears!” The otherwise “perfect” sculpture is totally lacking ears. Legend says that the sculptor, William Brodie, was so embarrassed at his mistake that he returned to his room in at Annadale Arms Hotel, within sight of the newly revealed sculpture, and hanged himself. The legend says that Brodie haunts the hotel corridors to this day, perhaps searching for the lugs. However, it had later been determined that the death of Brodie was at his home in Edinburgh six years after the unveiling.


To this day, during some nights, you can hear a hard tapping sound coming from the moffat ram. It is claimed that this is the ghost of William Colvin trying to put lugs (ears) onto the ram. However, the tapping noises have been determined to emanate from the Ram’s fountain.