Newby Church

Newby Church Of Saint Marks parish, Ripon, North Yorkshire, England. Although this Building has no history of Paranormal activity, It is the Site of one of the most Confusing and Known Photographs. Of what has come to be known as "The Spectre of Newby Church", You can see this famous photo in this pages Ghost Gallery.

The Specter Of Newby ChurchEdit

In 1963, Reverend K.F Lord Was taking pictures of the church's interior. He took a picture of the church alter of which he was particularly fond of. However, After the picture had developed a Semi-Transparent figure had appeared on it.

The creature was semi-transparent, it was standing on the first step to the alter but still towered higher than the alter. It was completely cloaked in a black robe that covered where its feet supposedly were. There was no suggestion of any hands and the face was covered in a white sheet with two depressions were the eyes would be on a face and the hood covering its head had a delicate pattern on its edges. In relation to the alter one can decide that this specter was at least nine feet tall. The figure was looking directly at the camera.

Reverend Lord himself was confused by this, he was completely alone in the church at the time. And the church had absolutely no history of paranormal activity. Once he made the picture public it was almost immediately scrutinized by skeptics. It certainly did look too good, the creature was looking directly at the camera, the building was not haunted. and the creature was conveniently completely cloaked. Skeptics believed the photo was a hoax, produced by means of double exposure.

The idea of the photo being a fake itself came under attack, K.F Lord felt annoyed by this. Especially since he was an honest Reverend. The ghost was also nine feet tall and from this arose some trouble in finding out how Lord would have made his image so large. The picture was eventually sent away to be examined, and scientists of the period believed that the photo had not been tampered with whatsoever and was assumed genuine. This made the photo one of the most famous ghost pictures in the world, both because of its 'perfection' and the fact that it is allegedly genuine.

The specter has since not been seen at all, and had not been seen before the photo had been taken either. This raises more mystery as to what the specter was and why it has never appeared (Save one photo). Because of its dress, many people believe that this creature was the ghost of a monk.

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