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The Penitentiary of New Mexico (PNM) is a mens maximum-security prison located in Santa Fe County, (24 km) south of central Santa Fe, on New Mexico State Road 14.[1] “Old Main” was closed up after the prison riot of 1980. Though there is a gift shop, “with no ghost stories”[2] doesn't mean that there are no ghosts.

1980 riot[edit | edit source]

In 1980, Cell Block 4, at the far northern end from the Control Center, was the scene of one of the most violent prison riots in the correctional history of the United States.[3] Over two days 33 inmates were killed and 12 officers were held hostage by prisoners who had escaped from crowded dormitories located at the southern end from the Control Center. Men were brutally butchered, dismembered, and decapitated and hung up on the cells and burned alive. This section of the prison was closed in 1998 and is now referred to as the "Old Main."[2]

Hauntings[edit | edit source]

A mysterious shadow entity causes a stir at the New Mexico State Penitentiary.[4]

A human-shaped shadow has been witnessed from 1981 and has continued into the present day. Corrections officers as well as members of the New Mexico National Guard has seen the shadow ghost. Unexplained noises can be heard, including loud cell door slamming shut. Cell Blocks 3 and 4 has heightened activity. The Tool room and laundry room is also know for having spectral occurrences.[5]

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