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Pennyland Amusement Park is said to be an abandoned amusement park, located in Manitoba, Canada.


Pennyland Amusement Park was once one of the most popular parks in Canadian history, however, after an accident involving the Ferris Wheel/Sky Wheel that injured many people, they were forced to close down. After repairs, they reopened, but nobody showed up because of the incident. Because of that, they shut down for good. They removed all of the carnival rides, however kept the roller coaster building. Due to its History it is currently of undisclosed location.

Urban legend[]

There are two websites that may debunk this story based on the Creepy Canada TV show. The first website shows a family at the Rocky Springs Amusement Park Lancaster, Pennsylvania and there is a gray building behind them with the words "Pennyland" located above the doorway in yellow. That building looks very much like the one shown in the Creepy Canada TV show. The link is The second website shows an interior picture of one of the buildings located at the Rocky Springs Amusement Park, Lancaster Pennsylvania. The interior picture looks a lot like the interior shot of a building that was also featured in the "Creepy Canada" TV show. The link is

Roller Coaster building[]

The Roller Coaster Building held more then just Roller Coasters, it also had arcade games, a carousel, and it had the entrance to the Ferris Wheel/Sky Wheel. It is one of the only things left of the abandoned park. The rides inside were removed. If you were to walk inside, you would be able to see where the carousel was, and worn out signs.


A man brought victims to the abandoned park, and killed them. One day, a police officer was reported to the abandoned parks washrooms because of a body. He found the man responsible for the killings, dead between 2 rusty old toilets. When you find a body, it is recommended to do a locational check. He looked under the platform where the old Ferris Wheel/Sky Wheel was, he found 2 rotted bodies. Both female. The bodies have never been properly identified. the park was also on the show creepy canada and at the end of the show they found the killers's breifcase that had a knife with blood on it and pictures of all the women he murdered. althought the show never mentioned anything about it in other episodes. imgurl=,r:5,s:0 This interior picture can be viewed on the youtube website on the Creepy Canada episode titled Pennyland Amusement park if you pause the video at 0:11/7:47


There have been reports of bloody women seen behind the windows of the Roller Coaster Building. Some have seen a ballerina dancing outside. This spirit is believed to be one of the bodies found under the platform. In life, the spirit was well known as The Dark Angel. The spirit is no threat, according to witnesses'.

Note: I did some digging through old photos and sorry to break the news but I found that Pennyland is not a real place, and the photos are taken from Glen Echo Park, Maryland. -JD