This is a Level 3 haunting 💀💀💀 manipulation of objects.

The Pigford Building is a commercial building in Merdian, Mississippi. It is reportedly haunted by the 'Lady in White'.


Pigford Building was constructed in 1914 by the Knights of Pythias Mount Barton Lodge No. 13. It was originally known as the Pythian Castle Hall and served as a home for the organization's weekly meetings. In the 1920s, the building was bought by Pigford Realty, who rented the building out to small businesses. Offices were located on the second floor while a ballroom occupied the third. Between 1933 and 1976, a post office and drug store owned by R.M. Hamil operated out of the first floor of the building. Other businesses have located inside the building since its construction including restaurants, beauty salons, and dress shops.


The Lady in White

The first owner used the building as a small graphics design workshop. She often worked late into the night and kept a sleeping area. She would heard footsteps on the second floor, voices on the intercom, and had seen a ghosty lady in a full white dress.

The second owner operated the building as a jewelry store. Even customers apparently heard laughter, and things would be thrown around, despite being hung up. The ghost was seen, matching the description to the previous ghost.

The third owner heard vacuum cleaners turn on by themselves, despite being unplugged. Electronic devices would not work. Alan Brown later declared the building haunted.