Famed in 1989 by the Guiness Book of World Records for being the Most Haunted Village in England, Pluckley has as many as 12 ghosts.

There are many witnesses for these ghosts and locals know the stories well.

One eyewitness account is a personal one. My Dad used to live near Pluckley and he told me the story of his friends. They were out drinking and driving back from the pub, a black shape crossed in front of them. They all sobered up pretty quickly. Now I know that this could just be another rambling of a random person, but this event corresponds with one of the ghosts that is reported to be in Pluckley. Near a pub there have been reports of a stage coach that drives past at night. This is what my Dad's friends saw.

There are numerous other ghosts, such as the Red Lady (the ghost of a woman searching for her dead baby), the Watercress Lady (a woman who sold watercress and drank. She accidently set herself a light when she fell asleep smoking, whilst covered in gin) and the highway man pinned to a tree.