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Rammerscales Mansion is a residential Georgian mansion in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, that is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Dr. James Mounsey.


The mansion was built in 1762 by James Mounsey. It had previously been the residence of the Carruthers family, but due to a large number of creditors staking their claims, it was sold to James Mounsey in 1756. Today, Rammerscales is a private residence. It is made of the same sandstone that came from Corncockle Quarry, that was used to build Spedlins Tower.

James Mounsey[]

James Mounsey was born in the small village of Skipmyre in 1710. He was of a high political stature, being the brother-in-law to the local bishop. He studied medicine at the Edinburgh University but didn't graduate. Seeking fame and fortune, he enlisted in the Russian Navy as a surgeon.

Mounsey became a Fellow of the Royal Society, Physician-in-Chief to the Tsarina's army and finally became the First Physician to the Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. Due to political unrest in Russia (and his close association with Tsar Peter III), Mounsey decided to return home, in fear for his life.

Dr Mounsey, who is reported to have made enemies in Russia, is said to have insisted that every room in the house should have more than one exit so that if he were surprised in one of his rooms by some agent of his enemies he could make good his escape. This is certainly borne out by the unusual number of doorways in the house, although some of these have now been blocked in to form cupboards and alcoves.


After the Doctor’s death in 1773, the estate was made over to his eldest son James, though it is doubtful whether he ever lived in the house as laird since he was in the Army and abroad a great deal. None of his sons or daughters wished to live there, so the place was sold to James Bell, a sugar merchant from Glasgow for £7,700.


Since the doctor’s death, his ghost is said to haunt Rammerscales Mansion. During the Second World War, the mansion was used as a school and as an evacuation site. However, the ghost frightened everyone at night so they moved to the stables to sleep. People have heard loud nouses coming from somewhere in the house, and doors opening and slaming shut hap-hazzardly. People have even seen a figure running or walking throughout this building.