This is a Level 3 haunting 💀💀💀 manipulation of objects.

Rue St. Paul is a street in Montreal. There are only 2 known spirits inhabiting the vintage street. Both died because of the same reason. Both were tourchered by the same executioner. One spirit is a male named Vallier, and the other is a female named Marie. The male hung himself to prevent further suffering. The other's cause of death is unknown. The two victims never met in life, but they're both linked because of the killer.


The Vallier story[]

Vallier was arrested in 1732 without reason. It is said that his scheming neighbor framed him for something he never knew about. The prosecutor used hatred and torment to try and make Vallier talk, however he had failed. Before Vallier could be touchered any longer, he used his last bit of strength and hung himself with the chains that held him in place.

The Angélique story[]

Marie-Joseph Angélique was an African woman. In life, she was a slave. After she got angry at her master after learning she was to be sold to an American slave trader, and she burned his estate. Unfortunately, the fire burned over 40 other estates, however nobody died in the fire. The same executioner who tormented Vallier was hired to get a confession out of Marie. Although he got a confession out of her, she was forced to walk through the street with a sign around her neck with the word 'Arsonist' (in French writing) carved in the very wood used to make her master's estate, whilst carrying a torch. Afterward, she was hung, and burned on a wooden post. Her ashes were then scattered around Rue St. Paul. It is said that she is seen in the same area of which her ashes were scattered.