This is a Level 3 haunting 💀💀💀 manipulation of objects.

The Duford House, built in 1825, was the home to the 'Duford's' until 1977, when it was moved from St. Joseph Boulevard to the Cumberland Museum in Ottawa, Canada. The house itself is considered to be haunted, even on museum property.


The Duford House was built around 1825 by Jean Baptiste Duford. The one and a half story design was preferred because the tax assessment would be lower than that of a two story residence.[1]


Some strange occurrences have been reported in this building. One involves two small porcelain dolls. Staff at the museum have reported the dolls moving to different locations. If the dolls are displayed upstairs on a chair, they may be found on the floor or found in a different room in the house or they may just disappear for a time and return later somewhere in the house.

The house appears to have only one spirit, that of a little girl. While her identity is unknown, she has been seen (and felt) quite regularly. This may not come as a surprise considering that this small house was home to fourteen children. The girl might haunt the house because it was disturbed (moved) from its original location and now resides at the Cumberland Museum. It is thought that the two dolls and the girl are linked somehow. Some have seen a full body apparition of the young girl usually wearing a dress covered in small flowers. Others have seen the dolls literally floating in the air.



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