This is a Level 5 haunting 👹👹👹👹👹 Use extreme caution. Danger.

The Sallie house was built in the mid-1800 in Atchison, Kansas and is believed to be haunted by a little girl named Sallie who died in the house during an appendicitis surgery. The house also said to be the most haunted house in Kansas. It is now standing vacant, because nobody wants to live there. The address is 508 North 2nd street.

The hauntings includes: Pictures being turned upside-down, floating objects, disembodied voices, apparitions, toys being thrown around one of the bedrooms, doors opening, closing, locking and unlocking randomly. The spirits can also cause physical harm: Burnmarks and scratches. Sallie seems like she trys to only attack older men as she thinks when the docter tried to save her he was acually trying to hurt her. Her screaming finally stopped as she was slowly passing away. She thinks the doctor was torturing her which leads her to only attack the older men visitors that go there.

The former nursery room (now a children's bedroom) on the second floor of the house is where Sallie supposedly died and in this room there is a circle of toys on the floor for Sallie to play with.
Sallie also seems to like running up and down the stairs leading to the second floor as many have felt her presence on the way up or down said staircase.

The basement of the house has a big smudge on the middle of the floor where there was supposedly a pentagram used for demonic rituals and sacrifices.