This is a Level 3 haunting 💀💀💀 manipulation of objects.

The Victoria Golf Course is a golf course on the coast of the Pacific, near Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. the Victoria Golf course was established in 1903 and so is one of Canada's oldest golf courses. The course has much paranormal activity and lore surrounding the greens, concerning a murder that occured there.


The Doris Gravlin story

Doris Gravlin was a woman who lived in the area. She had recently left her abusive, alchoholic husband, Victor. Victor told Doris to meet him at the Victioria Golf Course so that they could try and talk things out. She met him there and Victor told Doris that he had given up drinking and was reformed. This was a blatant lie however, especially since Victor was drunk at the time of saying this.

Doris would have no more of Victor and insisted that he was done with him. Victor was enraged by this, and in his drunken state, he clubbed Doris with a piece of driftwood, killing her. It was ironic that only a moment later. Victor stumbled into the shrubbery around the edges of the course and collapsed. He died as well.

Since this time the ghost of Doris Gravlin has been seen around the course. For a time, the ghost seemed to appear most to the golfing assistant who found her body. Doris's ghost can be seen pacing around the Victoria Golf Course. The ghost is known for leaving footprints in the bunkers.

There is an iron bell on the course. Appareantly, if you ring the bell three times, the ghost of Doris Gravlin will appear. According to witnesses, this practice works quite a lot. Doris's connection with the bell is unknown but it may be possible that Victor rang the bell when he had come to meet Doris to alert his presence.