This is a Level 4 haunting 💀💀💀💀 Use caution. May encounter spectres.

The Wellington Opera House in Wellington, is a haunted theatre in the capital of New Zealand. It was built in 1913. Today it is managed by the same company who runs the St.James Theatre nearby.


The opera house in Wellington, New Zealand is said to be haunted by its former architect Albert Liddy, Liddy was a renowned local architect who prided himself on his stage design skills. It was he who designed the Theatres stage, However, It is told that his plans did not coincide with the other architect of the opera house.


Liddy commited suicide inside the opera house. The story goes that he hung himself after a problem with the building when in reality he died in the theater after shooting himself with a shotgun. afterward three terrible accidents occured where people sustained injury over 6 months in the exact same place which was one of the seating boxes to the side of the stage. there has also been reports of people seeing a man running across the gallery on numerous occasions.