This is a Level 2 haunting 💀💀 very distinct audible words and/or apparitions.

Woodcroft Castle, in Cambridgeshire, England, is a castle that was built some time before 1200. It is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Michael Hudson.


It's direct history is hard for historians to trace since it lies in the 'Soke of Peterborough'. The name given to the area around the English counties of Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire that was often only vaguely defined as being part of either three of those County's. For this reason, Woodcroft Castle was originally noted as being in Northamptonshire, then Bedfordshire, and is today settled in Cambridgeshire.

The castle was built by the Woodcroft family, and it served as the Woodcroft family seat until 1545 when it was bought by the Fitzwilliam family. In 1926 the castle featured in the film 'Woodcroft Castle' in which it was the set of a haunted castle.

Michael Hudson[]

In 1648, England was in a civil war between Cromwell's Roundheads and the Kings Cavaliers. Michael Hudson was the name of a doctor who lived in nearby Woodgate castle, he was a supporter of the King and so organised a group of men to launch a surprise attack against the Roundheads who where in the area. This did not go according to plan however, when the Roundheads began attacking, Hudson and his men retreated to Woodgate Castle where the Roundheads laid siege against the castle. Hudson surrendered and pleaded for mercy, in return for surrendering the Roundheads promised Hudson 'Safety' in Woodcroft Castle.


Combat between Cavaliers and Roundheads in the English Civil War

Hudson moved into Woodcroft Castle but he soon began plans to attack the Roundheads again. This time however, the Roundheads heard about his plans before he had the chance to carry them out and so they attacked Woodcroft Castle. Hudson's men tried to fight off the soldiers in and around the castle as Hudson retreated to the roof. The Roundheads managed to fight their way up to the roof and Hudson tried to hide from them by dangling off the ramparts at the side of the roof. The Roundheads saw him however, and using their swords they cut of his fingers and sent him falling into the moat below. The soldiers on the ground pulled Hudson out of the moat and cut out his tongue so that they could prove that they had killed Michael Hudson.


Michael Hudson's ghost is said to haunt Woodcroft Castle today. Sometimes you can here him shouting or begging for mercy or screaming. It is said that his ghost likes to rein-act his death and is sure to do so during the month in which he died, June.